Customer Data Management

The increasing introduction of standard software in companies has lead to the side effect of process solutions being developed.  The quality of the data (address data, contact data, etc.) however has yet to be ensured.  Therefore while the data has increased in complexity, it is captured and saved with differing levels of quality.  With the current processes come the use of potentially false or obsolete data.  Deliveries can be incorrectly addressed, customers can be repeatedly approached by different employees, credit limits can be too high or not set – the sources of mistakes are endless.  Also an integral view of your customers and their field is hardly possible.  This is where customer data management helps you to understand and take a more extensive look at your customers and all the data from the relevant company departments in a more standardized and up-to-date manner, as well as with a higher quality.  At the CRM-expo, visitors can interact with experts and producers and directly weigh pros and cons – a very efficient way of making decisions.


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