CRM is an integral approach to company leadership. It assimilates and optimizes inter-departmental customer-related processes in marketing, sales and customer service as well as research and development. This happens based on a database with corresponding software for market processing and by means of previously defined sales processes. The CRM objective there is the creation of added value both on the customer’s and supplier’s side in the framework of business relations.

Source:  German Direct-Marketing Association (Deutscher Direktmarketing Verband e.V. (DDV))

Customer relationship management can occur in many forms and is comprised of the most varied components.  Everything you need to know about CRM can be found at the CRM-expo. Here are the thematic focal points of the exposition:

Best-practice example
Strategies of customer retention
Customer value analysis
Customer service
Software solutions
Campaign management
Data management
Call centre solutions
Sales and marketing automation
Integrated customer data
Field service control
Mobile CRM
CRM on demand
Direct marketing






  • Adress management/Listbroking
  • Analytical CRM
  • Augumented Reality
  • Field Control
  • Complaint
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM Blogs/Twitter/Podcasts
  • Call Center Solutions
  • CRM Best Practices
  • CRM on Demand
  • CRM and customer support services
  • Privacy
  • Dialogue marketing
  • Integrated Client
  • Campaign management
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer based navigation
  • Customer value analysis
  • Customer management
  • Customer service tmanagement
  • Lead generierung/Lead management
  • Marketing/Sales and Web 2.0
  • Mobile CRM/Mobile Marketing/Mobility
  • New CRM-Strategies
  • Customer acquisition
  • Open Source CRM
  • Sales Force Management (SFA)
  • Security
  • Service-CRM
  • Social Communities
  • Software AS A Services (SaaS)
  • Software On Demand
  • Masterdata Management
  • Sales management
  • Sales and marketing automation
  • Sales support