Congress programme – Imitation welcome

Best practices take centre stage for two days

The CRM-expo combines theory and practice exemplarily. In its congress forums the CRM-expo demonstrates successful strategies and campaigns regarding customer relationship management, to be imitated. Users from different industry sectors report from their projects,   show recipes for success and possible stages of expansion. These best practice examples by the companies are flanked by innovative topics regarding CRM methods and trends. National and international experts officiate as speakers, thereby.


As a visitor to the congress (by the way, the entrance fee is comprised in the exposition fee) you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry in order to take concrete “recipes” for a successful customer relations back to your company. Nowhere else will you experience such a compact and informative way of learning what opportunities CRM can offer and how you can implement customer relationship management without losses for your campaigns, customer loyalty strategies, sales development activities or product launches.

The congress divides into five areas:

  • Technology- und Productinnovation-Forum
  • Strategy- and Highlights-Forum
  • CRM-Best-Practice-Forum
  • Service-Mobility-Security-Area
  • CRM-meets-DMS-Area

At the moment  we are developing the programme sequence together with our consulting experts. You will find the detailed programme at this place from mid 2009 onwards. The fastest way to find out about its publication is through our newsletter – best apply right now: Here.

To help you get an impression of the quality of the CRM-expo congress, we have made available the whole programme of the CRM-expo 2008 for you, here, many points even for you to downloaden.

*Please note that this content is only available in German.




  • Adress management/Listbroking
  • Analytical CRM
  • Augumented Reality
  • Field Control
  • Complaint
  • Business Intelligence
  • CRM Blogs/Twitter/Podcasts
  • Call Center Solutions
  • CRM Best Practices
  • CRM on Demand
  • CRM and customer support services
  • Privacy
  • Dialogue marketing
  • Integrated Client
  • Campaign management
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer based navigation
  • Customer value analysis
  • Customer management
  • Customer service tmanagement
  • Lead generierung/Lead management
  • Marketing/Sales and Web 2.0
  • Mobile CRM/Mobile Marketing/Mobility
  • New CRM-Strategies
  • Customer acquisition
  • Open Source CRM
  • Sales Force Management (SFA)
  • Security
  • Service-CRM
  • Social Communities
  • Software AS A Services (SaaS)
  • Software On Demand
  • Masterdata Management
  • Sales management
  • Sales and marketing automation
  • Sales support