ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning

What is ERP…?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) describes the entrepreneurial endeavour where a business allocates available resources as efficiently as possible for operational activities and attempts to better steer and evaluate them.  This process is frequently supported by special software systems.

…and what does that have to do with the CRM-expo?

If enterprise resource planning and production planning, as well as controlling systems and the management of customer contact and customer information, used to be restricted to addresses, it has fundamentally changed today!

With the development of address management systems and software for sales and customer care, arose the clear necessity to build such elements and modules into the modern ERP systems.
The advantage of integrated systems is the seamless communication and movement in a working environment.  These user benefits arose from many such sales modules.  The advancements within led to new ways of integrating solutions into one and modular solutions into others.  The customer had to decide if they wanted to follow either the ‘everything from the hand’ or ‘the best of everything’ approach.

By this means, companies utilized unified design strategies to merge related product groups.  This occurred with the MS Dynamics product groups, such as NAV, AX, GP, and CRM.

This CRM product will be the future for all CRM modules – integrated sales modules will be individualized by partners.  The core of separated sales modules is however heading towards the end of its product life cycle.


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