Sales and Marketing Automation

It is a decisive advantage for businesses, if all the relevant data of the company divisions is made available in one central library of sorts.  Work teams can work efficiently, decisions can be made quickly, and possible sales and marketing activities can be developed.  Leads will be automatically followed up on, analysis will be readily available, results checked, etc.  The endless possibilities, both in life and theory, will be demonstrated at the CRM-expo.

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Diese und viele andere Themen rund um das Customer Relationship Management finden Sie auf der CRM-expo:

  • Außendienststeuerung
  • Call Center-Lösungen
  • CRM Best-Practices
  • Datenschutz
  • Kundenwertanalyse
  • Kundenmanagement
  • Kundendienstmanagement
  • Mobiles CRM
  • Neue CRM-Strategien
  • Sales Force Management (SFA)
  • Security
  • Service-CRM
  • Software AS A Services (SaaS)
  • Software On Demand
  • Stammdaten-Management
  • Vertriebssteuerung